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As a boutique creative house, we combine our award-winning, international experience to develop bespoke and innovative content. All our work is developed by the same people, at the same time, working on the same project - all to ensure our holistic approach produces content thats right for you.

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No product or content exists independently, which is why we spend time investigating overall brand concepts to build a unified experience for you. We consider every point of contact between you and your clients to ensure everything we produce complements your brand.


We deliver beautiful design and videos.


Details are our thing. Regardless of what project we’re cooking up our devotion to the highest quality of craft remains constant- in both our process and our product.

Meet Sputnik.

As creators genuinely excited about each other’s work, coming together to form a creative house was the next logical step.

Aidan Brezonick

Film Maker

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade seeded the early love of filmmaking in this award winning director.


Aidan, at the tender age of 16, began working as a news cameraman for NBC making him the youngest professional news photographer in the Northwest; later to become the youngest director to ever have a show in syndication on NBC. Since then he has won five Emmy’s for his astounding work.

Chris Scott

Web Designer

Our in house tinker has invested the past decade to learning web design and development for a greater and more fluid user experience.


As well as being a web designer, Chris has a degree in Anthropology that jump started his interest in the interactions between people and the technology that surrounds them. Additionally he has traveled the world as a Underwater Photographer and Scuba Instructor.

Alexia Serpentini

Graphic Artist

Inspired by the politics of Star Trek, this artist and researcher has spent her time designing for human-rights non profits, refugee artists, and creative development agencies in London while continuing to exhibit throughout Europe.


Alexia currently holds a BFA in Photography, a BFA in Sculpture and an MA in creative/cultural economics and policy from Kings College London.

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